Visuals without copy, or vice versa : Common Errors No. 1

Number 1: Visuals without copy, or vice versa.

From a simple post on Facebook to a OOH poster, we all know that the words accompanying an image make all the difference. Yet CopyClear often receives submissions asking for approval on an image without copy being specified - or the other way around.

As knowing what combination is intended to be used is essential, a submission like this must be deemed incomplete or invalid, which puts it at the back of the queue.

So do watch out for this please – and remember that in most cases both the text and the image will need to carry Responsibility Messaging (RM).

Context: Down with That 4.8%

We’re building a series on common errors in submitting to CopyClear – those small oversights which can render a submission invalid and mean your work is delayed in the process. 4.8% of all submissions in 2018were classed as invalid and most for easily avoidable mistakes. We want to bring this number down.

Our hope is that by alerting you to these pitfalls, you can sidestep them. If so, your submissions will progress through CopyClear with greater ease. If there are any genuine issues, however minor, you’ll be made aware of them as soon as possible. See more common errors on our blog here & sign up the CopyClear mailing list here to keep up to date.