Insta Stories : Update


Over the past few months particularly, we’ve had many enquiries about the use of Instagram Stories. They were previously deemed by the ASAI to be unsuitable for use due to their short-lived nature. This presented a potential problem if an objection were made to a marketing communication which was no longer extant.
However as the back-end of Instagram stories has evolved, so has the ruling. 

Once Instagram stories are compliant in all other regards, they can now be used by alcohol brands. 
Happy Storytelling!

Context: Down with That 4.8%

We’re building a series on common errors in submitting to CopyClear – those small oversights which can render a submission invalid and mean your work is delayed in the process. 4.8% of all submissions in 2018were classed as invalid and most for easily avoidable mistakes. We want to bring this number down.

Our hope is that by alerting you to these pitfalls, you can sidestep them. If so, your submissions will progress through CopyClear with greater ease. If there are any genuine issues, however minor, you’ll be made aware of them as soon as possible. See more common errors on our blog here & sign up the CopyClear mailing list here to keep up to date.