Measure for Measure

Dear CopyClear Client,


Hope this finds you well. The last months have seen much upheaval from the Covid pandemic and, as we all know, much collateral damage to the drinks industry in Ireland.

As a result, we’ve also been seeing a change in the nature of submissions to CopyClear. With the pubs shut, much promotion has been around home consumption. When that comes to spirits, that’s greatly increased the number of submissions involving cocktail recipe suggestions.

That has highlighted an area that we’d like to flag as a watch-out, in order to help you ensure compliance with the ASAI code.

You’ll probably be aware that free pour (unmeasured pouring of spirit into a glass) is not compliant with the code as it suggests lack of moderation. (9.8b).

So once the bottle is featured in a shot with a glass, a reasonable assumption is that the  bottle depicted is the source of the poured drink or will be the source of the next one – in which case a measure or jigger needs to be shown.

Many variants on classic spirit brands have been launched in recent years and we understand of course the important role of beauty shots as ‘credentials’ showing the variation on the familiar brand label.

However, glasses of poured spirits, whether or not made into a cocktail by the addition of mixers or other ingredients, may require the presence of a jigger to show that one was used.  This would also apply to cocktail shakers or other containers from which alcohol might be poured or consumed.

Where no glasses, cocktail shakers or other vessels are shown, or it’s a sealed bottle or an open bottle where no pouring has taken place, no jigger is necessary.

We accept that in some cases if a dispensing bottle is shown in a pub setting, the measure may be fixed to the bottle or contained in the optic, so no separate jigger would be used. The viewer would need to be able to see the built-in measure.

In short…

Bottle alone: no jigger required.

Bottle with glass, shaker or other vessel: jigger required.

So when shooting video or stills for a spirit brand, it might just be better all round to include a jigger.

Meanwhile, we wish you good health and a speedy return to capacity and prosperity.

Kind regards, 

The CopyClear Managers