Responsibility Messaging (RM) : Common Errors No.2

Number 2: Responsibility Messaging (RM). 

9.4 of the ASAI code states that: 
“Marketing communications for alcohol should include a responsibility message to drink alcohol responsibly.”
Despite the clearly stated need for RM, CopyClear receives work without it every week. If your brand is one of the 
funders of, that is the message and if not, a simply ‘Enjoy brand name here responsibly’ will fit the bill.
As with the previous error, please remember that when it comes to social media posts,  in most cases both the text and the image will need to carry Responsibility Messaging (RM).


Context: Down with That 4.8%

We’re building a series on common errors in submitting to CopyClear – those small oversights which can render a submission invalid and mean your work is delayed in the process. 4.8% of all submissions in 2018were classed as invalid and most for easily avoidable mistakes. We want to bring this number down.

Our hope is that by alerting you to these pitfalls, you can sidestep them. If so, your submissions will progress through CopyClear with greater ease. If there are any genuine issues, however minor, you’ll be made aware of them as soon as possible. See more common errors on our blog here & sign up the CopyClear mailing list here to keep up to date.