How It Works

Getting compliant work into campaign


Let's talk
Engage early and often. It is useful for us to understand the thinking behind a new piece of work as it gives us a context in which to review concepts. Remember, we like good ads and want to see them through unscathed if at all possible.

Tell us more
The more we understand about a campaign and the strategy behind it, the more valuable the feedback we can provide to you. Help us to understand how YOU envisage the Brand will engage with your audience through the communication and touch-points.

The more we understand the desired consumer take-out, the more practical and precise our feedback will be.

What will the consumer think?
This is how we evaluate material – how will the consumer interpret the work? What will they see?

We always look objectively at communications and consider what we believe the consumer take-out will be. Understanding your strategies can help inform our thinking.

Follow the code
All work is reviewed under the letter of the latest ASAI code (2016).

Interim approval
Initial work that gets interim approval needs subsequent input from CopyClear before final clearance is given.

Guidance Notes.
Please read the Guidance Notes and Footnotes in the 'Guidelines' section of 'Downloads'. These will help you understand how we interpret the codes.

Don’t be a stranger
Face-to-face meetings are invaluable. When you engage with us at an early stage, it is less likely that you will follow a direction that is non-compliant; which could save you time, effort, money and headaches. We aim to enable you, not frustrate you.