What is the ‘Code’?

The Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland applies to commercial marketing communications and to sales promotions that promote the sale of goods or services.

The code applies to:

  • Print advertising in newspapers, magazine and freesheets, along with their online presence.
  • Poster advertising in all OOH formats.
  • Brochures, leaflets, circulars mailshots, emails, SMS.
  • Broadcast advertising: TV, Streaming Services, Radio, Cinema.
  • Advertising on all electronic media platforms targeting Ireland.
  • Promotional marketing, sales promotions, competitions.
  • Advertorials and other sponsored features.
  • Content created by, or featuring, influencers, whose audience data, status and reputation must also comply with the code.
  • Brand Ambassadors and any messaging attributed to them. Brand Ambassadors must also meet the criteria set out in the ASAI code.
  • Marketing communications in non-paid-for locations online under the control of the advertiser or their agent, including – but not limited to – advertisers’ own websites.

We also advise you to submit the following materials:

  • Integrated Marketing Communication programmes. We can help advise on any potential issues that may arise from a concept in future developments and evolutions.
  • Experiential – any advertising at drink-sponsored events designed to influence participant behaviour.
  • Promotions, including all on and off trade promotional material.
  • Sponsorship – That means advertising that draws attention to the sponsorship, the use of brand ambassadors and any other relevant materials.

NB CopyClear managers do not adjudicate on price promotions